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Sourcing products outside of China and save millions when sourcing

31 Aug 2023
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Finding manufacturers is not easy when sourcing products. We will teach you how to find reliable manufacturers outside of China, how to communicate, and how to negotiate deals like a pro. You’ll also learn the differences between sourcing in China and outside of China? Is it better or worse?  What are the benefits of sourcing products from other countries besides China? We will talk about how real money is made, not just in sales but even at the start when you are doing product sourcing. What are some of the factors to keep in mind before sourcing products (prices, shipping costs, import costs, VAT, etc.)? How do you source? Do you source directly or through an agent? Do you have direct access to your factory? What connections have you made? How have you set up your supply chain as well as negotiations? 

Bottomline: A lot of money can be made in sourcing even before the product is sold because you end up buying a better quality product for a cheaper price.

Yulia Blinova, Supply Chain & Procurement Expert - Zignify Global Product Sourcing