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Marketing Your Products and Services in New Zealand.

30 Aug 2023
Theatre 3

The seminar is created for businesses that target NZ audience, especially small businesses of New Zealand. The small islands of New Zealand are known for picturesque lakes, rich Māori culture, and the most diverse government. This piece of paradise is now becoming the test-run of how a western economy will survive post-coronavirus pandemic. When brands venture into New Zealand to market their products or services, the same strategies used in their home country often are not applicable, and so consulting, conversing and learning about the social strata and subcultures of New Zealand will result in more effective and meaningful marketing results. 

New Zealanders’ expectations of travelling, education and shopping in Asia are based on their own perception of what they experienced in their own country. Laid back culture, attention to details, authenticity, social constraints, ageing population – all that are cogs and wheels that drive a marketing campaign for NZ audience.

Learn how to engage with New Zealand small businesses and public in the most authentic way.

Olena Williams, Founder - Olena Williams Media