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Velusamy Arul Murugan


BLAR is a application which provides the majority of all the basic softwares needed for small and medium scale businesses. The softwares includes, HR, Accounting, Project Management, Online Ordering, CRM etc etc

About Velusamy Arul Murugan

Speaker’s Name is Arul. An Indian national who grew up in Singapore, started the parent company ONESTOP SG. He worked in a Singapore based marketing company for 2 years.He has helped various small and medium scale busiensses to generate quality leads and converted leads into customers.He had the necessary skills and knowledge as he has done his bacholors in Cyber security & Forensics and Computer Science (Double major). ONESTOP SG been a very successful startup with various accomplishments early stage itself. They have done projects for both private entities and government. Now ONESTOP SG is stepping into a new territory by developing a platform that helps all variety of businesses.