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Saurabh Chauhan

CEO & Co-Founder - Peakflo

Streamlining Finance Process To Power Through These Uncertain Times

The global economy is predicted to be increasingly unstable in the next 6-12 months as a result of multiple factors, from the rise in inflation to the conflict in Eastern Europe.

As the funding climate sours, startups need to plan a survival strategy that helps them focus their efforts on revenue generation while cutting down on their cost center inefficiencies.

About Saurabh Chauhan

Saurabh Chauhan is the co-founder and CEO of Peakflo. Since launching in 2021, Peakflo provides businesses with a unified workspace with integrations and automated workflows that streamline invoice collections and bill payments. Peakflo recently annouched its $4.1M seed funding. Before Peakflo, Saurabh was a Rocket Internet veteran who led two of their portfolio ventures in Asia for over 5 years. Before jumping into startups, Saurabh spent 2 years in management consulting at McKinsey.