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Muliadi Jeo

CTO - Enterprise Solutions SIRCLO

Riding The Omnichannel Wave In Indonesia

Understanding the current landscape of e-commerce in Indonesia, the opportunities, the key challenges and the guide on how to tap into Indonesia market using omnichannel strategy.

About Muliadi Jeo

Muliadi Jeo began his e-commerce journey in the United States, which altogether granted him expansive knowledge in the newly evolving field. In 2010, he established an e-commerce development agency called ICUBE. During his years of growing ICUBE, Muliadi’s expertise in the digital industry was highly sought-after among numerous tech companies in Indonesia. He assumed various strategic positions in businesses across varying scales to advise on their technological capabilities. In June 2020, the merger of SIRCLO and ICUBE took place, where Muliadi until today took on the role as SIRCLO’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Enterprise Solutions.