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Keynote Speaker
Mohamad Faiz Selamat: Speaking at the The Singapore Business Show

Mohamad Faiz Selamat

Director, Sustainable Growth - Ground Up Solutions

Why Corporate and Community Stewardship is Important

Stewardship is the act of careful and responsible management of resources - be it for a company or the community that it operates in. In recent times, more leaders have assumed the role of stewards in line with a shift towards more sustainable mindsets and practices - and away from “grow at-all-costs” culture. This session explores ways and examples on how stewardship is being practiced and cultivated

About Mohamad Faiz Selamat

As a former military officer, Faiz has always been passionate about leadership - both from an organisational and individual (self) perspective. Coupled with his experience in facilitating and implementing programmes that deliver social impact, he believes that stewardship has the ability to connect these elements of interest such that it might deliver a more sustainable future for mankind.

An avid explorer of ideas - he enjoys facilitating new perspectives and invigorating others to ideate actionable solutions to their problems. Since 2010, he has been invited to speak at various regional and international platforms on topics such as knowledge management, sustainability, and non profit management.