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James Leong C Foo

James Leong C Foo

Founder & Adjunct Associate Professor, Vision.One Consulting Pte Ltd.

C Foo James is an adjunct professor with NUS and founder of Financial Storytelling, a training consultancy that helps non-finance people understand financial statements in a simple, easy and fun way. As former regional finance head of a US Fortune 500 company and Distinguished Toastmaster, Prof James combines his expertise in finance with his love for storytelling. He is well-known for teaching a dry topic- finance and makes it come wonderfully alive with memorable stories. A Certified Speaking Professional and Chartered Accountant, Prof James is the author of a game-changing book, "Financial Storytelling: Once Upon a Balance Sheet". His vision is to help as many people learn finance as easily as possible. He hopes to change the common perception that finance is dry, boring and hard to understand. By using his innovative financial storytelling approach, everyone can master financial skills to succeed in their career and business.