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Ismail Ariffin

Founder - Trident Digital

Red to Blue: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

In this seminar, Ismail Ariffin will share his story on how it is like to build a company to a 6-figure level from scratch, the common experiences and struggles faced when finding a niche, and the benefits after settling in on a niche in which you are the only alternative.

About Ismail Ariffin

Ismail Ariffin is the Founder of Trident Digital, a digital marketing agency for professionals, public figures and agency-level organisations in the financial and real estate industry. With an initial investment of $200, he has grown Trident Digital to a business generating a 6-figure revenue with a 22-man international team with a portfolio of 20+ clients while still pursuing his undergraduate degree in Singapore Management University. Passionate about business since his younger days, he believes that the best way a business can succeed is to avoid competition, and focus on creating thier own blue ocean where there is only one alternative - you.