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Elena Harith


Moving away from the proverbial table where creative play is frowned upon, we take you through
our humble beginnings and demonstrate the value of play within the discovery workshop.
By sharing you some of our methods, we hope it would enable you to build your very own ?table?
and connect with your teams and brands better.

About Elena Harith

Over the course of 17 years, Elena has helped companies define, design and ship digital products with impactful user experience. One of her notable works included developing an entire ecosystem for Liverpool FC X Standard Chartered with her team. As a multidisciplinary creative, Elena has worked with brands from various industries locally (MY) and internationally, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Petronas, MAS Airlines, KFC, Fonterra, etc. In recent years, she's been immersing herself in human-centred interaction to further understand user experience by conducting sprint workshops with brands. She's passionate about creating frictionless human-centred experiences whilst balancing these with tech feasibility and business value, and doing this across multiple touch points through strategically-based and insights-driven design solutions.