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Eelen Lim

Head of Partnership - Aspire

Navigating hardships by building strategic partnerships

COVID 19, rumours of an economic recession, and disrupted value chains. How can we turn difficult times into opportunities? The answer Eelen has to this is to partner up! Join this discussion to learn from Eelen how Aspire has built a community that supports entrepreneurs while creating business value.

About Eelen Lim

Eelen is the Head of Partnerships at Aspire where she leads a team to drive the company’s partnership strategy across the region. Eelen has more than 10 years of experience leading high-performance teams in the financial services segment, serving SMEs and Startups. Prior to Aspire, Eelen has a demonstrated track record in Channel Management, Sales and Business Development and has also launched new Banking Services in Hong Kong & Singapore. As the Head of Partnerships, Eelen believes strongly in building alliances and working with businesses to identify and drive growth opportunities.