ANZ India Business Chamber

ANZ India Business Chamber (ANZIBC) is a non-profit organization bringing together the business community from the Indo-Pacific region for promotion of trade and business connecting the four countries – India, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The Chamber’s success lies in its large network of business contacts, its focus on young entrepreneurship, an accent on digital business, a significantly marketing oriented approach and not just an association of international business community.

With an office in India and Australia, almost 50 percent of the Chamber members are based in India and 35 percent from Australia and the rest from Singapore and New Zealand. With one membership, its members can attend the events in any of the 4 countries.

The Chamber’s services include business matching, informative seminars, networking sessions, publications, business delegations, helping with setting up offices, start-up funding, educational collaborations, etc. The profile of its members is available in the Chamber’s website,
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ANZ India Business Chamber