The Bulletin Box

'The Bulletin Box' is a news aggregator and an open content platform for passionate writers where anyone can share insights, ideas, and perspective. Only a year back, we started our journey primarily as a news aggregator. With carefully selected global news sources, and curating quality news/articles every hour automatically using AI, we could gain thousands of viewers worldwide and growing further.

With the growing readers base & also having writers onboarded, we added the section for people to write/share perspective, ideas, information and knowledge. If you are a passionate writer, love to express with words, have knowledge & unique perspectives to share, this platform is for you. Tap into thousands of avid readers browsing our platform every month, gain social visibility and earn based on number of articles and views & likes on your published content.

Our vision is to touch and benefit millions of lives via insightful and thought provoking content and eventually make a significant social impact by causing awareness and raising voice against/for deep rooted negatives/positives of society.

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The Bulletin Box