Launched 2008, SME WORLD ( springs from the passion of dedicated media professionals to bridge the persisting information and Knowledge gap in the sector which plays a decisive role in the economic development
everywhere. Today, SME WORLD is regarded as India’s best known knowledge and information magazine wholly dedicated to the development of SMEs sector.

With an overall readership crossing about 250,000 marks, the magazine portal is being viewed in over 120 countries at any given time (source google analytics).

SME WORLD has tie-ups with various organisations working for the small businesses across the globe.

Decorated with a National-level Award and other awards, SME WORLD is marching ahead with its mission with a broader agenda to move to the next level with the launch of 360 degree digital SME WORLD incorporating WEB TV, the first effort of its kind, aimed at bringing the world of small and medium entrepreneurs at your doorsteps.
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