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Tips on how to manage your payroll in Singapore

Managing your payroll can be a strenuous job, especially when your business contributions in Singapore is growing and your employee headcount is keeping up with that. From processing and reporting payroll components to ensuring compliance with the Singapore regulatory requirements to computing and disbursing salaries, managing your business’s Singapore payroll should be carried out with utmost accuracy and care.


Similar to all other countries in Asia, payroll management in Singapore in 2020 covers more than just a list and number of people your business employees and what they should be paid.

It’s more than just being knowledgeable about tax information, CPF,  deductions and complying with Singapore legal requirements. An efficient payroll process is essential to keep your employees motivated to deliver and perform excellently.

To help you manage your employment and the Singapore payroll system efficiently, with respect to company’s privacy policy, we’ve outlined some points employers need to consider and be mindful about.

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