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Shifting From Conventional To Contact Management

Life is finally shifting to “normalcy” after more than 2 years of battling the pandemic. Meetings, exhibitions, and conferences are coming back in full swing. And making  those meaningful and collaborative connections is best seen in action. 

Nonetheless, things have changed. Our dependency on technology has increased by leaps and bounds. Imagine what we would have done without “Zoom” for the past two years?! Likewise, we can leverage technology for business networking and collaboration. 

This is the moment to introduce contact management, mobile-first, app. The case for contact management is no longer debatable. Many of us have smartphones that work as a directory of all the people we meet. From a business connection to the plumber or preschool teacher, we accumulate contact information from yonks ago to the most recent, stored, and forgotten. 

So why is a contact management app necessary? If you’re all about networking for business and meeting people is a core function that makes or breaks a deal, you need an efficient tool to make your life simpler. 

Just at the Business Show this September, you are expected to come across 5000 visitors and 300 exhibitors. How are you going to make the most of your time networking efficiently and maximise the number of people you meet in just 2 days?  

With everyone having an online presence, it just makes sense to have a digital business card. A contact management app such as k’nectary allows easy contact exchange via a QR code or OTP. Don’t bring back a few hundred business cards at the end of the show, only to have to sort, misplaced or forget them. And here’s a bonus – you are taking that step to go green and be sustainable. 

Secondly, don’t test your memory for recognizing the hundreds of faces you meet and what they do. You will forget some. Why awkwardly scribble notes at the back of the business card in the middle of a networking session when you can handily open your app to quickly prioritise the person you just met by ranking and labelling them? You can also add a quick remark on where and when you met this person, or send an immediate follow-up email – all through the app. 

Now the event is over and it’s time for post-mortem! Again, an app that consolidates all your contacts based on the event or location is useful to make an insightful analysis of your time and investment at the show. Not all connections are equal, so how many of your contacts can be converted from potential to paying customers or business collaborators?  Export with ease and share this database with your team as well as upload it to any CRM systems like Salesforce, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc. for targeting and retargeting. 

We are just scratching the surface of what a contact management app can do. Do you really want to be at The Singapore Business Show this September without one? Download the app for free and create a profile so you can leave your business cards at home and digitise your connections at the show!

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