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How Singapore Is Reskilling Older Workers For New Career In Tech

When technology keeps being improved, and people couldn’t catch on the pace, there will be a hard time for people to develop new skills, and they are unable to relate well to teammates of different generations, especially job candidates who are between 45 and 60 years old.

Based on this, Generation Singapore has been retraining older workers since 2018. Along the way, the organisation has identified specific interventions to help this group of people to secure their jobs. Their most recent initiative, #GetReadySG, launched with Microsoft, is training 1000+ unemployed people—40 per cent of whom are mid-career workers—with little or no tech experience for entry-level jobs in the industry. These include positions in cloud support and DevOps, business intelligence and data analytics, and full-stack development. By the end of this year, the program expects to have prepared some 500 of its participants for job placement.

There is keen demand for tech workers in the island nation, and the government there helps subsidize training for citizens, which this allowance allows the participants, who may be supporting a family or living on their own, to focus on their training.


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