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6 Essential Tips to Build Effective Teamwork in the Workplace

As we return back to our offices post-pandemic, many may experience some unfamiliarity, readjusting to old routines and reconnecting with colleagues. Read on for essential tips to boost teamwork and productivity at the workplace, helping both managers and employees better communicate to build a sustainable transition to the new normal. 

After massive disruptions brought on by the pandemic, people have begun to make a long overdue return back to their normal lives, routines, and workplaces. Over a third of the employed population in the Asia Pacific region reported to work from home at least once a week during the peak of Covid-19, with most preferring such flexible work arrangements. 

As coming back to the office may not have been ideal for many, it has become increasingly important for employers to offer workers better benefits and incentives to make their return smooth. One of the most sustainable methods is to boost team building initiatives which facilitate a hospitable and welcoming work environment and build stronger workplace culture. 

Here are the few tips to build effective teamwork,

1. Transparency

2. S.M.A.R.T Goals

3. Recognition

4. Communicate Through a Unified Channel

5. Empower Your Employees 

6. Respectful Communication 


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