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LogChain: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo London


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Transforming Global Logistics LogChain is a logistics platform for the chemical industry. LogChain gives manufacturers and operators full visibility and transparency of their trade lanes in real time. A Digital Highway For Your Supply Chain Companies keep information in silos. Corporate information silos cannot, and do not, talk to each other. In the world of logistics and supply chains this means that every piece of information about a shipment has to be manually handled many times; this massively reduces the margins of operators and 3/4PLs and makes the industry stressful for everyone in it. The LogChain logistics platform instantly connects your company to every other company in your trade lane. Sharing data real time, in a controlled and risk-free way, enables businesses to slash their costs – and those of every other partner in the trade lane, enabling significant competitive advantage. The LogChain information highway is simple to integrate with existing ERP systems. This Integration… enables workers at all levels to instantly report on task completion, immutably records all operations in the supply chain and shares information for only those parties who need to know it.