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FlexiBees: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo London


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Do you want to hire an expert on-demand to work on your super-urgent project? Or want to hire experienced folks, but need them only for a few hours per day?

FlexiBees is the solution you are looking for. 

We are a talent matching platform that provides vetted part-time, project-based and remote-working talent to businesses via our expert pool of women professionals.

How is FlexiBees different?

With our unique vetting technology, we are tackling one of the biggest challenges that businesses face today, which is hiring well-matched experienced talent quickly and affordably. Businesses get

  • Vetted and experienced talent that is job ready
  • On demand models for quickly scaling up and down.
  • Pay-per-time /Pay-per-use cost effective models

We are able to find experienced flexible talent for you across functions such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Digital Marketing, Content Development, Design, Learning & Assessment, Technology, and Niche Roles.

At the core of how FlexiBees works is its unique vetting technology that ensures Businesses get best-fit talent.

Our vetting technology matches for skills and flexibility factors such as time availability, time-slot match, and gauges for even commitment and work ethic, to ensure businesses get the best-fit talent. 67% of our business comes from repeat clients.


It also saves 90% of the time and effort in the hiring process for businesses vs any other platform. Since they only have to focus on selecting a final candidate from a small batch of vetted options sent to them by us. 

The FlexiBees Team

The company was founded by Shreya (CEO), Rashmi (COO) and Deepa (Chief Talent Officer) who are batch mates from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, one of the most prestigious Business Schools in South East Asia. They bring more than 30 years of cumulative experience in Business, Technology & Operations and have a deep understanding of business and the challenges in women’s workforce participation. We have offices in Singapore and Mumbai, India.

Our vision of normalising flexible work is built into the DNA of FlexiBees. While Shreya operates from India, Rashmi and Deepa are based in Singapore. Moreover, our entire team of women professionals work remotely, part-time or full-time since the business started. 

Our 45 member team consists mostly of returning women professionals and they have provided talent to 470+ businesses across India, Singapore, UAE, UK and US. FlexiBees has serviced more than 50 sectors including FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech and traditional sectors like Manufacturing, Logistics, and Packaging among others. The clientele ranges from corporates like Kimberly Clark and P&G to high-growth start-ups like Digital Commerce Intelligence, Creditmantri, and Finbots AI Solutions along with Government Organizations like the Singapore Economic Development Board. 

We boast a strong client retention with 67% of our revenues coming from repeat clients. We have a growing pool of 40K+ women professionals from across functions & sectors, with an average work experience of 7 years. We are working towards a future where flexibility at the workplace is the norm that enables more women professionals to participate in the workforce.


Flexibees has always been professional in their approach - right from the presentation of candidates fitting our requirement down to the selection and final deployments. We have been very happy with Flexibee Sushmita who is playing a vital role in our digital marketing. We would highly recommend FlexiBees as a first port of call for any organisation looking for a talented pool of professionals to fill in for short term demand spikes or for long term assignments. 


- N K Chari, CMO, Team Streamz Pte


I came across FlexiBees when we needed someone to fill in for a team member who had to be hospitalized due to Covid. 

I am really impressed with how quickly they could match talent to our needs. In a week, we had a good replacement-ready to go & deliver on from day 1, with minimum onboarding hassle. 

It’s great to know that any time we need extra resources, we can tap into Flexibees flexible talent pool

- Kyriakos Zannikos (KZ), Founder of Digital Commerce Intelligence


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