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Kavanah Communities powered by The Figtree Companies, has been reshaping real estate, agriculture, and tourism since 2019. We're dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and growth. Starting with FMP Fervid Consultancy we've redefined a New standard way of living.

Kavanah Communities envisions a world where people, planet, and profit blend seamlessly. Figtree Properties, born a year later, redefines real estate, combining modern design with sustainability. With SMART amenities and green practices, it's modern, eco-conscious living.

At Figtree Farms, we emphasize sustainable farming practices, committing to the land to ensure both food security and environmental stewardship..

Figtree Tech fuels our innovation, crafting solutions that simplify lives and drive a greener tomorrow, from energy-saving smart tech to life-enhancing advancements.

Together, these form Kavanah Communities - nurturing SMART, SUSTAINABLE, and RESILIENT living. Our planned mixed-use developments redefine neighborhoods, fusing convenience, beauty, and environmental care.

Our goal is simple - elevate life quality, uniting modernity, nature, and community. Our journey thrives on innovation, sustainability, and team dedication. Communities are ecosystems of well-being, sustainability, and resiliency. Join us in this transformative journey towards a SMART, SUSTAINABLE, and RESILIENT future.

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