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Cybervault is a brand that is founded by a team of experts to change the lives of people in a positive way. We are a socially responsible organization and we are committed to building products that help organizations to improve the way they operate their business. Our team has a vast experience in various domains including Banking , Insurance, Satellite , Shipping , Supply Chain and Telecom.

We have over 100+ years of combined industry experience and our team has the track record of delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions for many industries. We also believe innovation is the only way for a better tomorrow and hence we are able deliver highly innovative products and services.

Smart Claims is one of our SaaS based enterprise staff claims platform that was launched in 2020.

SBS360 is our SaaS based ERP platform for the construction industry launched in 2021 &

SFM is a Facility Management product launched in 2022.


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