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Nabcore Anti-copy security codes


As an improvement of our product authentication solutions, we are pleased to offer our bank grade Anti-Copy Clone-Proof QR Code that can be easily printed onto products and their packaging, which then allows consumers to verify their purchase through their smartphones.

Unauthorised copying of data may lead to data leak, exposure, or even a breach. An anti-counterfeit solution prevents any sort of possible duplication, ensuring the safety of data at rest and in use. Brand owners can thus prevent loss of potential sales and revenue due to fakes. Consumers will be able to identify genuine products easily via the security labels and buy the real ones.

Our team is constantly developing and further enhancing the applications and strategies that we implement. By doing so, companies can rest assured that any issues that can influence and affect their products will be taken care of. Moreover, brands that are trying to penetrate into new markets will also have an easier time establishing their brand in the said market.

Our strength lies in our vast understanding of product authentication solutions and the various suitable technologies and approaches that can address unique issues, with many case studies to share. In the complex, competitive business world, we want to help our customers to better navigate their business circumstances and circumvent any obstacles. We believe that cooperation is key for sustainable growth. Our synergistic approaches along with our measurable goals can help businesses advance and move forward every single day, no matter how big or small the company may be.