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  • Inbound Sales - Our team of expert agents can assist any inbound callers who are looking for a property. Once given access to your database of properties, we can refer them to an agent who can help th ...
  • Think Local. Hire Global
  • Employment Essentials

    27 Oct 2022 Indicator - FL Memo
    Employment Essentials is an all-encompassing online solution for all your needs as an employer. Its intuitive navigation and effective search function lead you directly to answers to all your employme ...
  • Health, Safety & Evironment Essentials

    27 Oct 2022 Indicator - FL Memo
    The essential health, safety & environment resource: Cost-effective way to manage health and safety Single integrated platform Accurate and up to date
  • You & Your Business Plus

    27 Oct 2022 Indicator - FL Memo
    Tips & Advice You & Your Business Plus is an all-encompassing online knowledge database for all your needs as a business owner. Our many resources enable you to tackle your responsibilities in an effi ...
  • Staffing solutions

    21 Oct 2022 Chris Rooum
    RE Recruitment have been supporting companies across the length and breadth of the UK for over 20 years with innovative and results focused solutions across a number of sectors. Our dedicated and expe ...
  • Power BI Kaizen for Manufacturers

    10 Oct 2022 ChenZhen Yew
    Microsoft Power BI is a cloud based business analytics service that helps customers make use of their data and gain visibility into their business operations and performance. 
  • RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. RPA is a technology that aims to streamline repetitive business processes.  RPA is designed: To help reduce long working hours To Focus employees' attention ...
  • Nintex Process Discovery

    07 Oct 2022 Milad Asfa
    Built with patented AI technology, Nintex Process Discovery is our proprietary tool that helps organizations maximize the value of Robotic Process Automation by identifying an organization’s business ...
  • How exciting! We are very proud that we are finalists for the Engage Customer Awards in the Best Customer Centric Strategy category alongside Aston Villa Football Club, Orange, Qdoba, Remitly, Sky Ret ...
  • Mobile App Development

    23 Aug 2022 Jay Williams
    Launch your app project with the best Mobile App Developers on the planet!
  • Success Groups Build

    23 Aug 2022 Bigger Brighter Bolder
    Our Build groups are for service-based business owners currently turning over anywhere between £10K and £80K. Build is designed for those who are looking to earn more from their business and build the ...
  • Web Development

    23 Aug 2022 Jay Williams
    Do you have an awesome idea in your head that you think would make a great website? Are you struggling to build that website yourself using off-the-shelf website making tools? Great news! CarbonCode S ...
  • Success Groups Launch

    23 Aug 2022 Bigger Brighter Bolder
    Success Groups Launch cuts through the nonsense to get you efficiently and effectively generating income. Based on 10 years working directly with small service-based business to help them grow, we kno ...
  • Writing a business plan is more than just slapping some figures together in a document. It’s about effectively communicating your company’s USPs, Revenue Model, P&L forecasts, milestones, KPIs, SWOT a ...
  • Website Design & Creation

    15 Aug 2022 Shoaib Aslam
    Setting up a website can be daunting. Building your own website reduces costs, but it can also reduce quality if you are not a professional web designer. Well, our Web Design & Build service allows yo ...