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About Business Connections

Get your business card ready and connect with thousands of new prospects, partnerships and suppliers. This incredible feature opens up visitors to a revolutionary networking experience, on a scale so large you will not find this opportunity at any other trade show. 

We have come out with a new way for you to connect to over 5,000 visitors attending the event. The idea of the Business Connection is simple. 

If you are looking for a specific kind of connection, express it and get potential partners may write their contact details on it. Don't forget to scan the connection board for potential connections that are searching for what you can offer and respond by dropping your details on their request, picking up some extra clients in the process. 

How Does it Work

➤  Write down what your business is looking for on our Business Connection Form


➤  Pin it to the Business Connection Board along with your business card


➤  Visit the Business Connection Board at the end of the day to collect all the relevant business cards pinned to your Business Connection Form